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Inductive Proximity Switches

Built For Extreme Conditions

The Teknic Euchner Inductive Proximity Switches are solid state switching devices which require no physical contact to actuate them. 
Used for control and positioning signals, they can be connected directly into conventional or electric control systems. The need for such switching devices has increased in recent times as manufacturing plants, as well as machines in general have become automated. The combination of high quality materials and advanced technology in the construction of these switches ensures a very high degree of precision and reliability under the most arduous conditions .


Single Limit  Switches

Precision, Reliability and Versatility

The Teknic Euchner Limit Switch is a versatile unit,according to the European Standard EN 500041 with Euchner known how and is further developed to produce a perfect universal construction.
Robust construction and exclusive use of high quality corrosion resistant materials, precision finishing and the high Protection class IP67 to IEC 60529, DIN 40050 are guarantees for a trouble free and reliable operation under the most arduous conditions.


Precision Single and Multiple Limit Switches

Precision And Know How The Basis For Your Confidence

Teknic Euchner Precision Single and Multiple Limit Switches are outstanding controls which have been developed and perfected in close cooperation with the machine tool industry over the last 40 years,by Euchner Germany.
The use of high- grade materials, an excellence in technology resulting in the reliable co-ordination of all necessary functions,guarantees trouble free operation under the most arduous conditions.
Teknic Euchner precision single and multiple limit switches are used for the controlling and positioning of machines and industrial equipment.


Photoelectric Sensors

Working Principle

These electronic devices, photoelectric sensors or photocells use the light emission principle combined with the electronic and are made up of an emitter or luminous source, the light rays of which are detected by a receiver. The variation in luminous signal obtained when interrupting this ray, is converted into an electrical signal and is measured and used by an electrical circuit. The light used is either infrared or red. By making use of this light various type of photoelectric sensors can be made. The Teknic Euchner photoelectric sensors are available in direct reflection with reflector, with polarised light emitter- receiver versions. Due to their flexibility regarding the various standard programmable versions these products offer the  possibility of stock reduction and are easily interchangeable with most of the units available in the market.